MLB’s Game 163: Do or Die.


James Loney (left), Matt Joyce (center), and Sam Fuld celebrate the Rays’ victory.


The Major League Baseball season is a very long and tiring season at 162 games.

Looks like it is going to take one more game to determine which team is going to play in the playoffs this postseason, as if the season were not already long enough.

The Texas Rangers and the Tampa Bay Rays will be playing in the final game to determine which team gets to go into the postseason to face the Cleveland Indians in MLB’s one and done Wild Card game. This is Major League Baseball’s first “Game 163” since 2007.  This postseason has already started off being a suspenseful one.

After last years flop at home to the Baltimore Orioles in the American Leagues first one and done wild card game, the Rangers are looking to make a come back. The Texas Rangers have swept through an entire week of sudden death games to win 7 straight games, at home, to extend their season. The Texas Rangers have a chance to get into the postseason for the 4th year in a row.  All they have to do is win two more sudden death games against much tougher competition. Can to    it?

Tampa Bay on the other hand has fought to stay alive and keep their spot for this game and they do not plan on losing this to the Texas Rangers.  They are coming out with their Ace Cy Young winner David Price, even with Price’s struggles against the Rangers in the past, Price is 1-4 with a 5.98 ERA in eight regular-season starts against Texas and 0-3 with a 4.66 ERA in three postseason starts.  Even with those horrific stats against the Rangers Price is looking for revenge and to keep his team in the postseason. As it seems a loss against the Texas Rangers could be Price’s last game in a Tampa Bay uniform.  Also, Texas Ranger’s Nelson Cruz is back in the lineup after his 50 game suspension. Without a doubt this is going to be a great head to head match up against two AL powerhouses to see who can win “Game 163.”

Manager Ron Washington (center) leads the cheers after the Rangers scored in the sixth.

I chose this article because I am a huge baseball fan and my very own Texas Rangers are playing in Major League Baseball’s “Game 163.” I saw the article on ESPN by David SChoenfield.  The reason I believe this is newsworthy is because the game is today and this is big for the MLB with the NFL and NCAA Football going on right now.  This is a nice start for the baseballs 2013 postseason.  I believe that the reader is going to read this article and be interested in watching this exciting game tonight.


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