Have we forgotten?

9/11 came and went by.  The day passed and it really did not hit me until Saturday.

As I sat in our locker room before our football game against Albion I looked up at the sign that hangs above our door before we leave to play “Let’s Roll.”  Todd Beamer’s last words to the GTE customer service supervisor Lisa Jefferson before he and the other brave flight members fought the terrorists for control of the plane.  I sat there in awe thinking about what it would be like to be in that situation and I had nothing.  It was one of the most heroic stories I have ever heard.

Yet, I and I bet a lot of others walk through our own Wheaton College’s Todd Beamer Center and not think once about what this man did.  His story on 9/11 and what he did was so popular it was made into a movie, United 93.  Which influenced and informed a lot of people about what happened on 9/11.  As I wondered about how this affected people on our campus I asked Senior, Beau Westlund, on his thoughts about 9/11 and Todd Beamer.  Listen Below


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